Boomi and IoT

A robust integration-as-a-service platform can help to enable IoT for your organization. In fact, the same IaaS that keeps the data in your CRM and ticket sales solutions in sync can also track deliveries and kick off automated process based on proximity.

In this example (note: developer-level content), Dell Boomi is used to adjust a NEST thermostat as a homeowner’s mobile device approaches home.

Author: Matt Veltkamp

I'm a small-town, west-coast adventurer thriving in the heart of the data processing capital of the tech world, Washington DC. With an early start selling office supplies in the pre-digital era, my career has always involved helping others manage information well to support their mission or grow their business. As I've progressed, supporting causes important to me has become so rewarding, and I'm constantly thrilled that I'm able to enable emerging tech for nonprofits in this exciting time.

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