Help for the compliance alphabet soup: GDPR, HIPPA, DISA, STIG…

In advance of GDPR, IT shops are once more researching and undertaking steps and methodologies to remain in compliance. This is in addition to earlier guidelines, mandates, and requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA.

Today, I came across an amazing site that provides guidance and background on compliance for all of the above, and more. Really well put together and easy to use, tip of the hat to the crew at the Unified Compliance Framework!


Author: Matt Veltkamp

I'm a small-town, west-coast adventurer thriving in the heart of the data processing capital of the tech world, Washington DC. With an early start selling office supplies in the pre-digital era, my career has always involved helping others manage information well to support their mission or grow their business. As I've progressed, supporting causes important to me has become so rewarding, and I'm constantly thrilled that I'm able to enable emerging tech for nonprofits in this exciting time.

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