The one cool thing about the latest Google Hangouts release…

Google recently went to press about improvements to their communications platform, Google Hangouts. While their headlines focus on Hangouts now being part of the G Suite “core,” which is great, the improved Google Meet is where the action is.

This new release of the video call and conferencing service is very slick, navigation is easier and one click can start an online meeting. In addition, Meet is now tablet enabled for Android and iOS. If you are looking for a streamlined video conferencing for up to 50 participants, Google Meet is worth checking out:


Author: Matt Veltkamp

I'm a small-town, west-coast adventurer thriving in the heart of the data processing capital of the tech world, Washington DC. With an early start selling office supplies in the pre-digital era, my career has always involved helping others manage information well to support their mission or grow their business. As I've progressed, supporting causes important to me has become so rewarding, and I'm constantly thrilled that I'm able to enable emerging tech for nonprofits in this exciting time.

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